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Having Problems with your account? Experiencing difficulty using the website? Have a technical question? Check out the FAQs below for a quick and easy answer!

I'm receiving an error message saying I don't have access to this content?

Please go to your account page select the Subscriptions tab and check that your membership subscription is showing as active.

If your subscription is current then please try logging out of your account, clearing your browser cache and then logging back in again.

If this does not fix the issue please contact us using the form below and let us know what page you are receiving this error for.

If your question isn’t answered above please use the form or chat link below to get in touch. Our email and chat support hours are 9am to 5pm MST Time Monday to Friday and we aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Please Note: This form is for student service issues relating to your subscription, issues with the website etc. General questions about your program, requirements, next steps etc. should be sent using our instructor form on our FAQ page loacted here.

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Need Support?

Head over to our support page to get technical support and ask any questions you have about the student portal. For FAQs about your program head over to our FAQ page.